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Some tips for searching:

  • For a inventory list of transcribed records currently in the database, visit our inventory here
  • Most names have been transliterated from Polish, Russian, and Lithuanian into Germanized forms. (i.e. Jan becomes Johann and Szmidt becomes Schmidt)
  • When citing the information found in the database, you should cite the original record source (i.e. Lithuanian State Archives, FamilySearch.org etc.)
  • For an FAQ about the index, visit our page here
  • Need help reading the original records? Visit our translation tips here
  • Records pertaining to individuals born less than 100 years ago, are not included in the database in compliance with privacy regulations in Lithuania. If you’re searching for someone born less than 100 years ago, contact the applicable archive directly.
  • Found an error, misspelling, or incorrect image? Contact us.